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So you can make up your own mind whether we have copied the "Lyft"brand here are our logo and there logo side by side.

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Our Journey So Far.

If you have been watching your lift® since we first announced to the world that we were starting a new private hire company in Telford you will know that it's now been quite some time since that first announcement. Over a year now and that's a longer period of time than we planned on. For […]

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Pricing Update

We are finalising everything right now and getting ready to launch our full service.  Until we go live the pricing you will see in our apps is not the final pricing that we will be charging so please do not worry if prices look more expensive than you are used to paying. The correct pricing […]

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Welcome to your lift®

Welcome to your lift® the UK's premium private hire service utilising the latest technology to provide operators and passengers with the best possible options for the best possible taxi service. If you are a company looking to start a taxi service in the UK or a currently operating service that wishes to expand and/or rebrand […]

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