Frequently Asked Questions

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Booking Questions

Is the app available on my phone?

If you are using an Android or Apple phone then yes. You will find our Android and iOS apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

Can I book via my iPad or Android tablet?

Our apps work on iPads and tablets too, so as long as your device has an active internet connection then yes. 

Can I book a your lift by phoning you?

Yes. your lift was designed from the ground up to be a totally modern automated taxi service using the latest technology to enable you to easily book via our Android or iOS apps. You can even pay via the app at time of booking when you don't have any cash on you. We truly believe this approach will deliver you a superior and more reliable service than by sticking with the ways of the past.

Why do I have to register to use the app?

Registering makes it possible to use your debit or credit card to pay online and also means we can provide our various tracking options to you in an easy to use way.

Other Questions

Is your lift affiliated with any other private hire firm?

No. your lift is a brand new labour of love for 2 local Shropshire guys who have seen the growing discontent with the traditional taxi offerings and through the mix of our different backgrounds and expertise this allowed us to create your lift which we think is the future of private hire.

Do you offer business accounts?

Yes we can provide business accounts. If you would like to apply then please use our contact form.

How can I pay for my journey?

We make payment easy for you by offering the choice of paying with cash in the car or paying by debit or credit card on the app or website. If choosing to pay by card a small amount will be pre-authorised (this never leaves your account but will temporally held as unavailable) and the fare for your journey is then taken from your card at the end of your lift. We also have a "Wallet" in the app that you can top up with funds at anytime. By keeping some money in your wallet this means you will always have a way to get home. This is also a great option for parents wanting to ensure their children can always get home even if they don't have any money on them.

How can I contact you if I have a problem using your lift?

You can contact us via email, the online contact forms on this website or via phone. We recommend using either the email or contact form options as we are geared up to respond to messages far more quickly than we can deal with high volumes of calls.

What do you do to ensure your passengers safety?

From the moment we first came up with the idea for your lift safety was our number one priority. For each area we obtain a license to operate in we have to be vetted and meet the local licensing authorities criteria. Then all our drivers have to have a current up to date dual driver license to work as a private hire driver in addition to a full driving license. All our vehicles are tracked by our state of the art dispatch software which we have developed from the ground up and we provide links for you to track your journey that you can even choose to share with someone else so they can monitor your journey too. In fact there is even a "Share" option in the app to allow you to share via numerous different methods.

Where is your lift based?

your lift was conceived, created and operated from Shropshire with the ability to cover any area in the UK through our franchise option. All in all we see your lift as a Great British Brand.

Have any further questions?

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